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It’s been a year since the death of Loki and Darcy’s child. But Loki still wants the family he was denied.

Words: 973, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 5 of Blue Verse

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Let my love open the door


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Set one year after the events occured during “The Avengers” movie- One day Darcy and Loki find some strange gift near the threshold of the apartment they live in together…Darcy babysits Loki and live with him,but maybe their house is big enough to welcome someone else…

Words: 12995, Chapters: 11/?, Language: English

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Please Forgive Me


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Thor wants to protect Loki, he always has but it’s not till now that he get’s it right. (this is a probrother fic)

Words: 1002, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 4 of Moments, Darcy and Loki

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Leave  Darcy x Loki 
Tasertricks; Loki doesnt get jealous, especially of small fluffy pets


"Who’s the cutest lil kitty in the world? Who’s the cutest lil kitty?"

Loki rolled his eyes as Darcy continued to croon over the newest addition to Stark Tower: a small silver kitten named Mew-Mew. Darcy had chosen the name when he showed up in the middle of a thunderstorm one night, clawing at a window.

Darcy scratched between the cat’s ears, and it purred in contentment. She looked over to Loki, who sat reading a book on the other side of the bed where they were lying, and caught his look of irritation.

"Something wrong?" She asked, but the tone of her voice suggested she already knew why he was peeved. Mew-Mew stood up and stretched out before leaping off the bed and strutting out of the room.

"You spend hours on end with that cat,” Loki commented, looking up from his book, “You shower it with adoration. Considering it just left the room, this is probably the first time I’ve talked to you without it by your side in three days.”

"Sounds like somebody’s jealous," Darcy mused playfully, standing up and heading for the adjacent bathroom to get ready for bed.

"I am not jealous," Loki called out a little too defensively, "…I just think it’s unnatural the amount of attention you give that thing."

"I give him a normal amount of attention!" Darcy argued from behind the bathroom door, and Loki could tell her mouth was full of toothpaste.

"Oh please," Loki responded, "You couldn’t ignore that cat even if you tried."

Darcy grumbled something in response that vaguely resembled an “Oh yeah?”, and Loki smiled as an idea struck him. When Darcy emerged from the bathroom ten minutes later, Mew-Mew sauntered up to greet her, and Loki was nowhere to be seen.

"Well seeing as Loki has left the room…" Darcy huffed under her breath, picking up and cradling the cat as she looked it in the eyes, "how could I ever ignore a face as cute as this?"

She sat back down on the bed and placed her cat companion next to her. As she continued stroking its fur, she heard a loud scratching noise coming from the bedroom door. Curiously, she stood up and walked towards the door.

Mew-Mew came bolting in as soon as she opened it, meowing and rubbing himself against her legs. Darcy looked down in confusion and shock, and then back towards the bed.

Loki was sprawled out in the exact position the imposter-cat had been, and he smiled at Darcy. She raised her eyebrows in disbelief, amused that he went as far as shape-shifting to prove a point.

"What did I say?" Loki asked smugly.

"Laugh all you want," Darcy replied, smiling back, "but I think you’ve only just proven how jealous you really are."


Hey, so, if you want to read a good Tasertricks fic, then I suggest “Beautiful Lies” by lokishorcrux. (x)

I’ll just leave that there:)

Cold as the Night - Ch 8


TITLE: Cold as the Night


AUTHOR: whatcolourmyeyes


GENRE: Romance

FIC SUMMARY: Darcy’s first time on Asgard… but all pretences aside, why the hell did she have to come along with Jane?  Arranged marriage AU.


AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS:  Many apologies for the delay… I’m slow :/ Time for Darcy to unload, and Loki to be an ambiguous lil shit as per usual. This is gonna be a slightly less ‘fun’ chapter, sorry guys.

“It was not precisely a lie, though. She meant it, I’m certain. But then why would she pull away?” Loki brushes the tips of his long fingers over his lips pensively as he murmurs to himself, much to the chagrin of a more focused Thor.

Darcy finds herself slipping behind a stone column, really regretting that move as soon as she realizes just how squished she is between the wall and the pillar. This is what happens when we start ‘following the sound of the voices’ instead of going to bed like a good little Midgardian diplomat. She leans forward, letting her feet take a break from carrying all her weight in 5-inch heels for the past four hours. Please don’t turn around, please-

“Brother, I’m trying to talk to you,” Thor grumbles. Darcy can feel the familiar sensation of butterflies in her stomach, her nervousness bubbling up as Thor moves closer to her hiding place; she tries to make herself even smaller, imagining that she’s playing a game of hide-and-seek, like she did in kindergarten. “You leave for Midgard tomorr-”

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The Songbird’s Last Flight #38 Burning


Here it is! I told you I wasn’t done!

So, this is a possible/not really ending I had in mind. Song Used is “House on Fire” which is from the game “Contrast” whose soundtrack, including this song, you can purchase on iTunes.

Geez, I’m SO tired!! Just had to film a couple of scenes for my Speech Class video group project. Yes, you heard right, for SPEECH CLASS. And now I’m in the library typing this and I’m freaking exhausted! Totally going to Starbucks for a refresher before I go home and before I go to work!

ANYWAY! Please read the next installment!

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Darcy tries to pick up her life after Loki. The way she does this? Write a new song! But is the past really done with her? Will the news Thor brings put a damper on the night? *Author’s Note: This summary sucks, I’m exhausted, but I promise the story is better!… Hopefully…*

Words: 1210, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 6 of The Songbird!Verse

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Thor Fanfiction | You Don’t Need to be Immortal


Thor Fanfiction: DarcyxLoki

Genre: Angst, Drama

Rated T

Warning: It’s a dark for my standards. Be warned there is no fluff in this fic!

Darcy makes a sacrifice for Loki. Perhaps not all weddings are joyous.


The strange humming echoed throughout the hall as Darcy smoothed out the length of her dress one last time. It was…different… seeing herself in this Asgardian Dress, but also necessary for the occasion at hand.

Darcy stood directly in front of the man wearing the black and gold Asgardian gown. The pure white and silver flowing fabric of Darcy’s own dress seemed to clash with his, opposing like night and day. Jane and Thor stood just an arm’s length away from Darcy, standing tall and silent. They, too, looked up at the man.

Jane turned her head to glance at Darcy and gave her a comforting smile. Darcy smiled back and extended her arm, as did Jane. They linked fingers for only a second, and then dropped their arms back to their sides.

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New Chapter - Appeal to My Humanity: The Immortal Journey


Hey everyone! I’m back from my vacay and well-rested, so I think it’s time for a new chapter of the Appeal sequal. Enjoy :)